4 Unforgettable Tips For Writing Your Wedding Vows

It is very much understandable if you have ever been confused and blank on how to write wedding vows and plan your wedding your partners’ party simultaneously.

Writing a wedding vow and planning a bachelor’s party can be overwhelming and daunting as they are two (2) different aspects of a wedding entirely but with the right steps, it would be well worth it.

Writing a wedding vow is more like pouring out all the feelings of your heart into words and saying them to your partner on your wedding day while a bachelor’s party is a get-together of the groom-to-be with his closest friends and family. A bachelor’s party comes way first before the exchanging of wedding vows.

Luckily, here is a blog post discussing these entirely different phases but a common level of determination and attentiveness. Read on to find more about writing wedding vows in the first section and planning your bachelor’s party in the second section.

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How To Write Your Wedding Vows?

Your wedding vows should be a reflection of your relationship so far, so you are free to get personal.

1) Include A Story That Starts Off Your Relationship

Nothing makes people laugh and teary expressions among the condition than how you met her, you swore never to even like her, how unexpected you fell in love with her.  That shouldn’t be the purpose of your writing though, it should be about writing your heart out.

2) Reflect On Your Relationship

Ensure to take time to reflect on your spouse. Jot down the tidbits of your relationship so far. How much of a roller coaster it has been for you both? How much of learning and unlearning and relearning has taken place so far? What finally spurred you to want to be with her for life? Put every details into the wedding vows.

3) Make a Promise To Her

Promise her to always be your best. Promise her you will try to be at your best; as a husband to her and as a role model to your future kids.

Try to avoid clear cliches; lines that no longer hold meanings anymore because they have been overused. This is what makes your wedding vows unique.

4) Read Out Loud To Yourself

Take time to read it out loud to yourself at least four times before the actual wedding takes place. You can rehearse in front of a mirror and try to maintain your cool. Take deep breaths if you find out you might get too nervous. Avoid writing too long but don’t forget to mean every word  you will say and do not just write empty ones

How To Plan A Bachelor’s Party in Nigeria?

1) Decide On A Location

After the wedding vows, Have a theme for your bachelor’s weekend. What are the vibes you are aiming for? Do you want a gaming center or do you want a getaway on the beach or in the woods or do you just want to have a lot of relaxation and booze?

The theme you decide on will determine where your location will be.

2) Decide On The Size of Your Guest List

Get a fixed number of friends and family you would want to share those days with. Make sure not to invite too many people as things may get crazy and go beyond control when you lose check on who is who.

3) Decide The Most Feasible Time

Never ever have it on your wedding eve. As unusual as that might sound because of what goes on in movies, try to avoid having your bachelor’s party on the eve of your wedding. The last thing you need is a hangover or waking up late on your wedding and having a disorganized mind just in the morning of your wedding and end up turning up late.

4) Assign Responsibilities to Your Best Man

Your best man has a lot to do in ensuring nothing goes wrong that weekend. The best man mustn’t be wasted to as he will have to ensure you’re kept sane from doing anything that might put your upcoming wedding in jeopardy (though you know you should be responsible too). He should ensure no one drives home drunk, and also ensure everyone foot the bills themselves. He should also come up with creative ideas and activities to do on that day and should finally ensure pictures are taken so that you can have something to remember

Ensure to have fun but not too much fun as you prepare for your life as a married man make sure to create fun memories that will last you a lifetime.

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