4 Tips On How to Style a Gorgeous Small Wedding

Planning a small wedding? We’re thrilled for you! A Small wedding does have the best atmosphere. If you’re looking for ways to make it feel gorgeous, here are some simple things you can do. One of the best things about having a small wedding is that it’s so much easier to create a vision for what the atmosphere will be like. Why? Having a smaller guest list frees up extra time and space to create something that feels authentic to you as a couple.

Will you have tons and tons of candles everywhere to make your intimate wedding venue feel like it’s glowing? Will you bring in comfy furniture for your handful of guests to relax in? Will you serve a multi-course dinner with an interactive element? The inspiration is endless.

4 Tips On How to Style a Gorgeous Small Wedding
4 Tips On How to Style a Gorgeous Small Wedding

After having conversations with top wedding planners we were able to get answers to our questions;

Where Do You Start When You’re Thinking About Creating The Atmosphere of an Intimate Wedding?

Just the word intimate alone brings up so many good visuals for me. Tons of candles, a cozy fireplace, a warm atmosphere… I usually start by thinking about the food, because I love good food! I’ll rally with the couple to sort out what they’re into then chat to the catering team and have them develop a signature menu that reflects something unique about the couple.

4 Tips On How to Style a Gorgeous Small Wedding
4 Tips On How to Style a Gorgeous Small Wedding

In the case of an intimate small wedding, I like to do a sit-down dinner with multiple courses because it feels extravagant and gives the guests a chance to really get into conversations around the (beautifully styled) dining table. Now, let’s say the couple goes to Friday night markets for a specific noodle dish every other weekend. I’d find a way to work a similar dish into their wedding menu, as it gives us something to create a conversation around and we can really emphasize that feeling of intimacy.

What Are Three Of The Best Styling Tips To Create a Gorgeous Small Wedding?

So many ideas! When I think of an intimate wedding, I always picture an environment that feels romantic, warm, cozy, and personal. The styling really depends on the couple, but here are some styling tips I love:

Go extra with the candles! There’s nothing that portrays that warm, glowing, magical ambiance we all love about a small wedding like a room filled with candles. Use them in your ceremony, use them in the reception, use them with abandon! All different sizes, vessels, colors. Go wild. Well, check with your venue first to make sure they’re okay with it. Then go wild.

4 Tips On How to Style a Gorgeous Small Wedding
4 Tips On How to Style a Gorgeous Small Wedding

Go plush. I love using a mix of textures to create an intimate setting: luxe linens, velvet settees, gauzy fabrics draped from tall ceilings. I think it sets a mood that something special is happening here.

Get outside. It’s really easy to make a space feel special when you’re outside. A favorite trick of mine is to create a circular ceremony layout, so your guests encircle you and you can see them all while you exchange your vows. Plus, when the view is amazing, you really don’t need many decors.

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Is It Necessary For Couples To Only Consider Small Wedding Venues When They Have A Small Guest Count?

Not at all! That’s a common misconception when it comes to a small wedding. A little creativity can go a long way when it comes to making a larger space feel right for a small guest list. Depending on your venue, there might be an outdoor option you hadn’t considered initially or a small nook that would make a gorgeous backdrop for an intimate wedding. I recommend talking to your venue about different ways people have used the space to see what they think would feel best given your guest count.

Can You Share A Few Ways Couples Can Make a Large Venue Feel More Intimate To Suit Their Smaller Guest List?

A trick I love to use is bringing in lounge areas so guests can relax instead of standing around cocktail tables. I also think draping is a great way to divide a space into smaller segments. For intimate outdoor weddings, bringing in a small marquee can help to designate a space and make it feel less like your wedding is in a big, open field.

4 Tips On How to Style a Gorgeous Small Wedding
4 Tips On How to Style a Gorgeous Small Wedding

It is important to discuss with your partner when it comes to the type of wedding you are looking to have on your big day. A small wedding can be perfect once you check all the needed lists. You can use this opportunity to focus on small details such as table place cards, thank you notes and favors can be a huge difference in the guest experience. Incorporating small, personal touches into your wedding can be so thoughtful another example is distributing hand-written notes to all your guests, placing them on each table letting the guests know you are glad they could come and also thanking them.

We hope these tips really do you a lot of good in planning your wedding.



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