5 Mistakes Couples Make in Their First Year

Marriage is one thing that binds two people together for the better and during the bad times, going through life committed to one another for the rest of your lives. In this article, we are focusing on the 5 mistakes couples make in the first year of marriage.

Research done estimated that 66 percent of married couples have already been living together before they said: “I Do”. So there are some aspects of the other person you might have found really cute or did not bother about earlier during when you guys were dating and now you just can not deal with those attributes.

5 Mistakes Couples Make in Their First Year of Getting Married

There is a lot to take in from family issues to finances and health, but do not feel overwhelmed by all these. Here are 5 mistakes couples make during their first year:

1) Comparing Your Marriage to Other Newly Weds:

This actually has been a normal thing in society due to social media where everyone sees newlywed couples, then gets to compare themselves. One thing you should keep in mind when it comes to mistakes couples make is that we have our own relationship flaws and when you start to look at others and think yours isn’t good enough leads to insecurity and disappointment. What helps, in this case, is communication with each other, and talking about the insecurities that are in the relationship.

2) Not Going To Bed Angry:

A licensed clinical professional says “staying up extra hours to resolve conflict when you are both exhausted can lead to more escalation. Sometimes what you need is a good night’s sleep. When you both wake up in the morning, you would feel refreshed and be able to sort out and deal with the situation in a more reasonable way.

3) Depending on Sex To Make Things Better:

You remember those arguments that end with make-up sex which helps with the tension built up in your relationship and the issue is being swept under the rug; that doesn’t make things better, do not make any of the mistakes couples make. Sex will never be enough because eventually those arguments still get to come up again. “Sex is an important source of energy for your years together and it won’t work if you don’t feel like partners elsewhere in your life,” says Dr. Tessina.

4) Spending So Much Time Apart:

As couples, it is fine to have time for your own friends or interests but spending so much time away from your partner doe not make him or her love you more instead it can make your spouse be able to stay by themselves. This does not mean you have to be on their necks every time but having meaningful connections is very important in taking your marriage to the next level.

5) Agreeing With Anything Your Partner Says:

In marriage, we all have our views on different topics or issues, so when it comes to things like that you do not have to always agree to whatever your partner says, this does not mean that you both fight each other about things but a way to properly communicate in a loving manner. “You want to show your partner that you know you are responsible for your own reaction to things but you would also like them to hear and understand what you are feeling” This is a mature way to handle issues that come up in relationships, and this is one of the vital couples mistakes made by newlyweds.

A lot of maturity goes into when being a newlywed, it can make a huge difference if you can avoid these various mistakes couples make and build that marriage people will envy when they see you and your better half out with friends; that genuine kind of love that people cherish for themselves.




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