5 Romantic Wedding Destinations in Africa

So you have made it past the awkward first date, meeting the parents of each spouse, and then the proposal where your future husband or wife says “yes” and all that is left to organize is the wedding. Romantic Wedding destinations are very important when it comes to creating memories and we all want to have a memorable day with that special someone with photos and videos from the best wedding destinations.

Most couples of African descent or Africans plan their wedding and how they want it to be. The African landscape is blessed with the most beautiful beaches, romantic islands, and natural wildlife.

Here are 5 Romantic Wedding Destinations in Africa you can research and plan on having your wedding:

5 Romantic Wedding Destinations in Africa

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar is located in Tanzania in East Africa, with pretty markets, buildings, and amazing beaches with white sands and palm trees. Couples get to be in a relaxed mood while planning and getting ready for their wedding.

Also even before or after the wedding couples can enjoy sightseeing in the city and take amazing pictures and create memories. There is so much you can do in Zanzibar.




Seychelles Islands

If you are looking for a more intimate wedding destination, then Seychelles is your location with loads of islands and exotic sceneries, and beaches. Couples who have had their wedding in this location can’t hide the amount of fun they have and it’s an experience to remember.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls has been voted one of the most naturally regal and romantic destinations in the world, making it a perfect wedding destination in Africa. It is a waterfall on the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The ideal time to plan your wedding is between April to September.

The hotels are stunning with amazing people when you are lodging over there; also after the wedding, you get drive-through guides around Victoria Falls


El Gouna, Egypt

Get ready to be amazed by the azure waters and the dramatic presence of mountains. If you want to make some of your friends jealous with photos, this is the location. In recent times, El Gouna is getting more popular as a wedding destination.

It is blessed with sandy beaches, coral reefs, and lagoons; with small islands along the shore. Just know you are in for a good time with yourself and your significant other.



Marrakesh, Morocco

This city has one of the best scenery for wedding photos, with ancient architecture and pretty lights on the streets. The people are friendly and amazing and it gives you that sense of adventure whilst navigating around.

Morocco in general is a safe place to visit and you are unlikely to be assaulted or seriously hurt as a tourist in the country. Make sure to have a great time also.

These destinations in Africa bring out all the serenity and intimacy you need after your wedding day. While the African terrain is known for its dense wilderness, some beaches and mountains add a dramatic touch to the terrains making it one of the most desired destinations to explore when you have the chance to with your spouse. Have your partner on this voyage and embrace solitude and discover the gems of nature like the wine yards or the swampy deltas.


What is a Wedding Destination?

A wedding destination is known as the celebration in a region or country that is not your home country, such as traveling to another continent. The bride and groom get to spend days or weeks after their wedding at their choice location to unwind and have a good time with themselves.

Where Are The Best Wedding Destinations in Africa?

When it comes to the best destinations for weddings in African there are lots of amazing locations. They include; Zanzibar in Tanzania, Marrakesh in Morrocco, Seychelles Islands, Victoria Falls, El Gouna in Egypt.

Are Wedding Destinations Expensive?

Destination weddings usually cost a lot of money especially if the spouses choose to fly out their families for the wedding party but it is cheaper in many instances. Also a lot of depends on your chosen location, your local currency may get to offer good value for money. If you are expecting fewer people at your wedding, then the costs will definitely come down.






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