5 Unique Ways To Use African Prints For Your Wedding

He popped the question and fast forward to the plans of the big day, you want it to have that touch of African prints and spice? Here are some of the ways you could bring African prints to come in to play on your big day:

African print


Make it a romantic shopping where you both go Ankara hunting since the saying 2 heads are better than 1 you can get Ankara with very beautiful patterns of different colors, it’ll take a lot of time to finally make the decision of which to go with but it’s worthwhile, after coming to an agreement, you get a designer who should be able to make creative designs to put together these colors and patterns to make a specially designed African prints shopping bag, a key-ring or even the covers of jotters. Everyone loves a freebie now making it have that African feel would make it a memorable day for your guest and yourselves.


It’s time to go out of the normal to do something extraordinarily different from what everyone is already used to. Take them unawares as you bring in a totally different form of colors in the decor of the big day. One thing that brings cohesion to a wedding is the color scheme. The popular color schemes we experienced in this year’s weddings before the covid-19 were black, white, and gold, shades of blue and vintage red. Wow, your guests and have hints of subtle Ankara details or the beautiful kente.

You could use them on the chairs and tables having a particular kind of color and design on one side of the hall and another color on the other side of the hall to just make it look more interesting you could use these to distinguish the people for the groom and the people for the bride. This way you’ll have a colorful and beautiful venue.


I know you are already wondering how you’ll have Ankara flowers again right? How funny it might sound the whole idea is to have something different so we are not having the flowers to be Ankara but instead of having ribbon around your bouquet why not have a strip of Ankara material, fabric offcuts are available online and offline. Now go give it a try and enjoy the big day.


We all know how it gets tasking for ladies to search for that perfect pair of shoes in the perfect shade with the perfect heel height. In one of Marilyn Monroe’s songs, she said “give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world”. Her point is the perfect pair of shoes is definitely a game-changer. Go for Ankara stilettos and be boldly rocking them with that angel whispering in your ears “Go Girl”.


Bring that classic man kinda look just like the famous Jidenna who’s of course African. You could use an Ankara bow tie and look good while the bride uses an Ankara headwrap or mini wrap while your guests are left speechless.

How To Wear An Ankara Print Dress On Your Wedding Day

African prints

African print popularly known as Ankara fabric has had a huge impact on wedding and fashion trends across the world. We have seen popular celebrities in music videos, and movies wear these prints. These fabrics over the years have been a huge symbol of the African culture and are now used as a trendy way during weddings too.

When going for African fabric wedding dresses, you need to choose a few things like the choice of color, the cut, and the patterns. A wedding dress with a bright-colored print will make you grab the spotlight, adding a few details on the print such as beads or jewelry. You have options to play around with the fabric as it is very unique and versatile.

4 Styles of Anakara Fabric To Choose For Your Wedding Dress

Want to get an Ankara dress for your wedding? That is super easy, you can find a good number of African prints to use for your wedding. African prints are not just for traditional weddings as fashion designers are getting to create different fashion ideas with Ankara fabrics. So you do not need to stress how you want your wedding dress to be. Let us check out the different ways to slay in Ankara Fabrics:

For An Inverted Triangle Shaped Body

You can decide to go for a wedding dress with a long train, cinched at the waist. If you have an inverted triangle-shaped body a flared dress will definitely work the magic. For a more feminine silhouette for your Ankara wedding dress, instead, go for a flared gown that is fitted at the waist.

If You Have an Hourglass Body

Any dress that clings to the body is recommended for those with an hourglass body shape. This design will highlight your blossoms and focus on your waist with a neckline dress.

A Rectangle Body Shape

This is for those that have a thin shape or straight body, go for a print with a plunging neckline, it will showcase your blossoms more. Choose a slightly flared dress, your body will look super feminine with a long train.

For A Triangle Body Shape

For those who have got an A-shaped body, a boat neck dress is a perfect choice if you want something simple and chic. Looking to draw away attention from your hips? Go for a strapless gown or one with detailing on the blossom area and draw attention to your top half.

African print wedding dresses that stand out are generally a mix of fabrics, with the Ankara print sometimes used as an accent. A fashion designer can be able to use two or more different fabrics to create an incredible dress.

African Prints

This article is a way of exploring the heritage of African fabrics and how it can inspire you to get ideas for your African wedding dress.

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