6 Stunning Wedding Trends in Nigeria

Congratulations! you have gotten the ring and you are finally engaged. It is no doubt that as someone who wants something unique, glamorous, and yet significant; you would begin your research. Making research for wedding trends is absolutely fun and should result in a mind-blowing ceremony. As once’s wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, wanting to make it perfect is not so bad.

However, it is quite obvious that after the pandemic in 2020( a year filled with uncertainties as regards wedding trends), it is exciting to take note that now in 2022 we have decided to share 6 wedding trends, there are uprising trends that are safer and most probably less expensive. This makes it easier for budgets to be managed

Here are the highlights of six (6) wedding trends in 2022.

1) Micro Weddings

All thanks to Covid- 19, micro weddings have now become one of the wedding trends in Nigeria. It not only makes the practice of social distancing easier but also saves the budget. Although, as Nigerians who are natural party lovers, it seemed fun killing at first; but now on the brighter side, it has been helpful in narrowing down the size of the guest list, moreover, the money supposedly meant for feeding more guests can be channeled into other aspects of the wedding planning. That extra cash would definitely go a long way.

2) Weekday Weddings

Having weddings on weekends most especially on Saturdays was never a rule but it seemed to have been a norm for decades. However, one of the fastest-rising trends in 2022 is to schedule wedding ceremonies on weekends; any selected day from Monday to Thursday.

Fixing weddings on weekdays is amazingly budget-friendly because most people don’t tend to get married on those days and vendors offer more affordable services.

It also helps in streamlining the size of the guest list as most people would be at work.

3) Tweaks in Wedding Dresses

Most brides-to-be no longer go for the conventional ball gowns or long and full gowns. Some now wear straight gowns with detachable flair style; that way, they can be removed and can be worn after the wedding.

Also, instead of pumping money into buying lace for wedding dresses, some brides now use a satin or even have a mixture of Satin with much less lace.  This has turned out to be so beautiful over time.

Most surprisingly, some daring brides-to-be have abandoned wedding gowns totally and have decided to opt-out for very stylish jumpsuits. This season, there are more inspiring and versatile jumpsuit styles.

4) Outdoor Weddings

Having outdoor weddings are being thought of and sparsely but now it is becoming one of the most popular trends. Gone are those days where all weddings are done in halls, churches, or in a registry office.

Outdoor weddings give allowance to creativity and implementation of the beauty of nature just with the perfect kind of flowers, seating arrangements, and lightning.

5) Colour of Wedding Dresses

Most brides no longer make use of the overly common white colors for their dresses. These days, it has become a trend for brides to opt-out for other colors like platinum, Rose pink, and even ivory.

6) The Use of Sanitation Kits

People are still being skeptical about covid-19 besides there are lots of governmental rules to help curb its spread but the good thing is that couples now make use of beautiful and well-designed customized face masks. Moreso, smaller sanitation kits including sanitizers and face masks are distributed to the guests for keepsake in addition to their souvenirs.

Now that you can see the latest wedding trends, go get that wedding plan started! These wedding trends look minimal but are playing a major role in how we plan our weddings and execute it also.


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