8 Most Popular Wedding Trends

Weddings change every year and there are always new details that you can incorporate into your big day. So how do you make your day stand out even more in the memories of your guests? By looking at the latest wedding trends of course!

Trends, unlike themes, evolve and change every year. A trend might be the same at heart but it’s the way it’s being used throughout the years that will change. We’ve seen this with greenery, personalized details, and arbors over the last 2 years alone.

We love watching how couples make weddings their own with twists on existing themes, or even planting the seed for new ones. If you’re planning a wedding, here are the most popular trends to keep an eye on as they develop this year.

8 Most Popular Wedding Trends for 2020


Greenery really is the gift that keeps on giving. This is almost less of a yearly trend and something that has made itself a staple of weddings around the world.

The focus on greenery extends across several different areas of a wedding. Pops of greenery in bouquets and buttonholes, arbors, hanging installations, and centerpieces are all some of the ways couples are using greenery in their weddings.

Venues are also embracing the strong pull of nature in their decor. Keep an eye out for venues with indoor plant features to give you that greenery trend with suppliers you’re already using.

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Personalized Details

Personalized details have also become a must-have at weddings. Every wedding will have details that have been personalized to a specific couple, so we’re talking about the details that are made publicly available or used in the decor.

Personalized signs are a big focus of this. The types of signs have changed over the years, such as neon, wood, or acrylic, but the premise remains the same. A welcoming sign is a beautiful way to invite your guests into your big day.

We’ve also seen this trend merge into other elements of the wedding. Bomboniere and name placements have taken these details and modernized them. Make your place cards double as Bomboniere with modern calligraphy on wood, acrylic or even stone.

Natural Makeup

The more natural style of makeup for weddings first became a big trend in 2018. Meaghan Markle’s natural-faced look and visible freckles (shock horror!) took the world by storm and is still hugely popular at weddings today.

The trick with the natural look is to find someone who can nail the makeup while also making sure it will last all day. Make sure you have a trial with your makeup artist to chat about your perfect look together. This is becoming one of the huge wedding trends in recent times.

Floral Arbors

A big trend-setter across 2019 was the floral arbor. Wedding arbors or arches have been popular over the last few years but we really saw those floral elements come into play last year. As a result, we expect to see more floral arbors.

We’re also starting to see more unique arbors playing with other natural elements such as fruit as well. It will be interesting to watch how the arbor wedding trends develop this year.

Private Moments

One of the most common pieces of advice you’ll hear from previous couples is to make sure you spend time with your partner on your wedding day. Not just time with everyone else. Time to reflect on what has just happened because you just got married!

This is where private moments come in. More couples are scheduling private moments for themselves on their wedding day, away from the eyes of all their guests. We’ve seen this demonstrated with first-look photoshoots as well as private vows. We are seeing more of these wedding trends happening more.

Eco-friendly Elements

Sustainable weddings and a focus on having eco-friendly elements are on the rise. In fact, 14% of all couples hosting a spring wedding said they were trying to be more eco-friendly with their big day.

The most popular and achievable ways to make your big day more environmentally friendly are to focus on booking local suppliers and having local and in-season fresh produce or flowers. You can also consider hiring items that can be reused rather than buying something as a once-off. And of course, we’re big fans of sustainable rose petals or leaf confetti.

As the industry paves the way for more sustainable options we hope these wedding trends are here to stay for the future.

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Pastel colors are on the rise

Move out of the way navy and burgundy! Well, not quite. The last 18 to 24 months have been all about moody colors at weddings. Navy and burgundy have been the big winners as the primary color palette for weddings. But it’s the secondary color palettes that are going to bring the biggest change.

Brighter pastel colors such as blush are becoming more popular wedding trends. White itself is already a staple balance color across weddings and greenery and metallics are being used to supplement themes. With all this in mind, we can expect a combination of those moody colors with brighter pastels coming into the mix.


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