How To Get Amazing Wedding Photos During The Pandemic

The idea of having amazing wedding photos on your big day cannot be overemphasized. While this should not really be observed by you and your partner, what does it mean for your vendors? Wedding photographers are one vendor which all couples would want at their weddings. But how can you get amazing wedding photos when you have to socially distance yourself from your photographer as well as your guests?

After chatting with a few photographers about how you can work with your photographer to create that amazing wedding photos and also ensure that high-quality photos and safety go hand-in-hand.

To have a not-too-big wedding due to the pandemic, you could include your photographer as part of your few guests of about 30 people. It’s totally worth it, having a professional photographer on your wedding day, no matter how big or small will help you capture the memories for those who might not be able to make it. If you’re eloping and just getting married to your partner and two witnesses then you can also have your photographer. They can double as a witness.

amazing wedding photos

How Can I Ensure The Safety of My Photographer And My Guests?

amazing wedding photos

All weddings will need to collect the contact details of attendees and average a density of four square meters per person under the new 3-step plan. This includes counting your photographer in your guest numbers and making sure you have your photographer’s details on hand with everyone else.

But if you’re concerned about getting too close to another person who might not be part of your intimate wedding guests, there are still ways Being distant also doesn’t mean having distant photos. A good photographer will be able to take intimate wedding photos of you and your partner from a distance, using different lenses and other methods.” you can socially distance yourself from your photographer.

What Are The Best Locations For Our Photos?

amazing wedding photos

“The best locations are anywhere outdoors at the moment. We love anywhere outdoors where there is good light and awesome background. But also bear in mind that locations can be decided on the fly.”

“You never actually know 100% what the lighting conditions will be on the day. A good photographer will put together a plan with their couple to decide what we want to achieve together. That way we have a plan in place to decide on the best location on the day for what we are doing.”

Under the new restrictions, outdoor locations will generally also allow you to have more people gathering. This means you’ll be able to get more people involved and have more amazing wedding photos if you want to create memories with your guests who have been able to attend.

How Can My Photographer Create a Memorable Atmosphere If We Have Fewer Guests?

amazing wedding photos

We understand that many couples have had their wedding plans completely changed and might not be able to have all the people they’d originally hoped for at their wedding. But just because you’re having a smaller wedding, does not mean that it will be empty. With a good photographer your amazing wedding photos will be captured and all the memories for your wedding in the most intimate ways.

The number of guests has never mattered at a wedding, it’s the importance of the guests who are there. A memorable atmosphere is already going to be created by you and your guests. You’re surrounded by the people you love and who love you. We’re just there to photograph those memories as you create them. The best thing we can all take away from what is happening is that we are all in this together. And we will get through this.

The pandemic brought a lot of unprecedented circumstances our way, but as humans, we have to come up with ways to adapt to these changes. Having a small wedding is ideal during these times as it helps reduce the spread of the virus amongst guests. Another way is making sure that your wedding is virtual, this is really welcomed in our current times where potential guests who were meant to fly in from different parts of the country get to just participate in the wedding online.

Remember to always stay safe and keep your distance while at weddings while also wearing your mask.


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