5 Essential Pre-Wedding Tips for the Groom

This article is focused on pre-wedding tips for the groom. We all have gotten used to the bride always stealing the show at weddings, but the groom is also as important as the bride but he’s most times not noticed. It’s about time the groom gets similar attention if not all of the attention. So, if you are a groom to be, trying to look your best for your beautiful bride on your wedding day, or if you are a friend of a nervous groom worried about his appearance, this article is for you.

tips for the groom

Here Are The Top 5 Tips For The Groom On His Wedding Day

Get A Haircut:

Tips for the groom
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Having a good haircut is one of the main tips for the groom. You definitely would want to look all sharp at your wedding, so the big day is approaching and you need to start taking care of your looks and personality. As a man your haircut is your make-up, so to look clean and fresh you definitely need a haircut. The haircut would give you that confidence with high self-esteem to wow your bride and the guests.

Get A Manicure & Pedicure Session:

Tips for the groom
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A typical African setting would attach this to only the female gender, the good news is you need to look clean and the pedicure and manicure session is just the perfect grooming to keep your nails clean and fresh. Manicure & pedicure helps you to get rid of the dry and dead skin of your hands and nails and clean them gently.

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Use homemade scrubs. Use besan, with some turmeric. Don’t put a teaspoon of the cooking turmeric powder for heaven’s sake! Get raw turmeric and put it in the mixer with the chana besan (not matar besan) and make a paste with some milk. Lather your whole body in it and wait for it to dry. Scrub yourself while washing it off. If you have dry skin, put some honey or coconut oil in as well.

Tips for the groom
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You don’t even need to use a bar of soap on the days when you do this. Do this once or twice a week. If you feel awkward doing it, you will not care anymore until you see the results!  You will love your skin and will want to go do that again. Make sure you don’t do it more than twice a week though.


Unless you have oily skin, use a mild moisturizer in summers and a heavy moisturizer in winter right after your shower If you have dry skin, moisturize your face and lips more than once a day. Make sure your face is clean before you moisturize. Avoid too many chemicals. Use a good brand of moisturizer before you go to bed. But during the day, use honey, milk, and banana paste to apply all over your body after a shower. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash it off just with water. If you have a hairy body, do this before the shower. Else the banana bits will stick to you and that is gross and tiring to remove without soap.

Take Proper Care Of Your Oral Health:

Tips for the groom
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You wouldn’t want to have a bad odor coming out of your mouth. Nobody likes yellow teeth. None of our teeth are sparkling white. But one can easily tell normal teeth from the teeth of a person who hardly brushes properly. Brush your teeth twice daily. Use baking soda to rub on your teeth for a minute after brushing. Scrub your tongue with the back of your brush. If you are man enough to get married, you have to be grown enough to take care of your oral hygiene. Taking good care of your oral health is one of the essential tips for the groom.

In Conclusion

One last thing is to make sure you get enough sleep before the big day arrives. No late-night movies with the boys or be out late in a club. The groom needs at least 8 hours of good sleep; also eating healthy like having fruits, whole grains, and lean meat is essential This is one of the necessary pre-wedding tips for the groom.

He should also drink lots of water and if you are a smoker maybe quit for a while or at least keep it low until your wedding. This all will help you focus better on the D day and you’d be at your very best in terms of mood.


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