6 Hacks To Having An Amazing Wedding in Nigeria

Everyone wants that amazing wedding of a lifetime, especially a bride, whose only intention of wanting her wedding to be remembered for years and also having her wedding to be the talk of the town despite the fact hers isn’t the only one done.

It is way beyond the elation when you see that all the ideas and plans you have painstakingly put to action for an event have come to fruition and have managed to wow all who see it. How much more is your very special wedding ceremony which happens to be once in a lifetime for most people??

Folks seem to be getting married every week, wedding planners get busier by the day while venues are being used every season for wedding ceremonies! You must be confused about how to have a wedding party so amazing very memorable enough to leave imprints on the hearts of everyone. Well, if not on the world, but yourself at least and on the hearts of special ones who will come to celebrate you.

6 Hacks To Having An Amazing Wedding 2022

Amazingly l, look no further as here are some great hacks to making your dream memory memorable wedding come true.

1) Host A Rehearsal Dinner

A rehearsal dinner is a small gathering where the important faces of the wedding like the Bride, Groom, entourage, and some close friends meet to be introduced to one another and get comfortable over a dinner.

During this dinner, appreciation and accolades are usually given to folks who have taken time to be involved in the preparation of the wedding. Toasts and shout-outs are usually given out too. Oftentimes, it is usually a surprise organized by the parents of the intending couple or the bride and groom-to-be. Here, everyone involved goes through the agenda for the D-day so everything can run off without a hitch. Hosting a rehearsal dinner can help make an amazing wedding feature.

You can opt-out for a barbeque party or after-party.

2) Consider a Destination Wedding

For someone who wants to give everyone a once-in-a-lifetime experience, having your amazing wedding at a venue where most of your guests have never been or where everyone loves to go is actually a great idea.

No one would ever forget a wedding that took place in one of the most amazing places in the world. Be it an outdoor or indoor wedding, there is a wide range of breathtaking venues in the world especially in Africa. These venues include the Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club in Kenya, the 5-star Kilindi Zanzibar in Tanzania which overlooks the Indian Ocean, or even the Victoria Falls Hotel in Zimbabwe whose waterfall is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.  Just pick a unique place that feels like heaven to you and you never regret what you did!

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3) Invite A Live Band

Having a live band at your wedding will definitely give a grant ambiance and a new level of sophistication to your ceremony especially during your reception. Though, it could be more expensive but be assured that it is worth every dime.

DJs may be a cheaper substitute but you will be missing out on the live show element. It is more like having a customized set of songs for your day

4) Give A Buffet Treat

Even if other aspects would not be perfect, have enough food! Have a wide range of varieties of both local and international dishes. Nothing makes everyone happy as seeing tantalizing foods to eat after showcasing their dance steps. Besides, this buffet style gives your guests some time to mingle with each other and develop worthwhile relationships. It doesn’t sound so bad that it helps to save some money too, you will need all you can get for that amazing wedding of yours.

5) Wow Your Guests With Choreographed Dances

Want to have an amazing wedding? No one can deny the burst of excitement that comes with watching a set of people dance with uniformity! It makes a wedding more epic and memorable, everyone would want to watch!

There are viral videos of couples and their entourage displaying a burst of dance moves to the amazement of everyone. No one forgets that in a hurry!

6) Play A Match Making Game

Your loved ones would all be present at your wedding, it is an almost perfect time for some matchmaking business. There will be a lot of introductions and connections so there is always a potential for some love stories.

Wouldn’t it be so warming and memorable when other weddings are birthed from your own amazing wedding you can set up games to hit it off? No PDAs are necessary, just have a little fun with it.

Wishing you a wedding with pleasurable memories that last forever. #xclusiveweddings


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