How To Plan Your Wedding With Little Money

You seem not to have enough money for your dream wedding? This guide would give you an idea of how to plan your wedding with little money. Jersey is dating Angela they’ve been together for 5 years now, the both of them are not getting younger and they deeply desire to be together. they’re both serious and hardworking individuals.

How To Plan Your Wedding With Little Money

To make matters worse jersey and  Angel’s parents are mounting pressure on both of them to them they don’t understand why two grown-up adults won’t just settle down but unknown to both parents jersey and Angela feel they are not prepared because they feel they don’t have the financial capacity to build or start a home.

This financial issue has gone on to break relationships that have lasted up to 5 years I personally have seen relationships break off simply because the guy who wants to settle down with a Lady has little to no funds to come and see the girls people as required traditionally by girls family and in most cases, this girl might not have enough cash too, however, I’m gonna address we of the excuses people give for not getting married.

I Can’t Afford a Wedding Ceremony:

The mere thought or mention of the word wedding with little money usually scares some people off and that is because they believe that wedding ceremony is usually expensive although this part might be true people should not forget that wedding ceremony is just a day while marriage is for a lifetime.

And being with the one you love dearly is very important. however, having a wedding with so many memories is important but not everyone will be able to afford such luxury but with proper planning and strict money management, one can still plan a decent wedding with so many memories.

Weddings should not be looked upon as a do or die affair or as a means to putting a hole in your pocket, because at the end of the day. what really matters is you and your spouse live happily and not about the food, drink, and paparazzi that comes with it

Where Do We Live

Another funny reason people give for not getting married is that they don’t have where to live with their spouse but if you take a critical look one can still manage his/her present place of abode, even if it’s a family house, but both couples must bear in mind that their stay is temporal and work on getting a place of their own because it does not matter when you plan your wedding with little money.

It’s believed that finances tend to improve after marriage and if both couples, commit to working hard and remain focused they will in no time move into well-befitting apartments that suit their tastes and standard.

I Do Not Have A Car:

A lot of people do say they will not get married unless they have a car but one can still settle down without owning a car of their own. As good as this might sound buying a car should not a yardstick for settling down and that is because with cooperation from both couples buying or becoming a car owner becomes easy eventually.

Buying a car before marriage should not be an issue that’s because oftentimes this boils down to your goal as a person if getting married is very important to you then buying a car would not be prioritized over getting married.

Getting a car should not stop you from walking down the aisle that’s because even if you can’t buy a car now you be able to buy it later in the future since you’re now two meaning you both can work hard to achieve that dream you sole desire.

Another excuse people give is “I can’t afford to raise a baby” having kids immediately after marriage is a beautiful way of sealing or cementing the union but it is not compulsory  that couples must start having kids after marriage if you and your partner are not financially buoyant to meet up with the demand that comes with having children but with careful planning, you both can kids and care for them as you wish

“I Can’t Pay The Bills

Every marriage comes with paying bills and this is also another reason a lot of people scare away from marriage, if both couples commit to working hard and sharing the bills taking care of the home becomes easier and better instead of an individual to bear all the responsibilities of paying the bills, bills like water bill, internet bills, light bills, rent e.t.c  I believe that with both couples sharing the bills it becomes easier and better.

With this said you have no excuse for choosing not to settle down if you truly wish to settle down.

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