7 Most Important Questions to Ask Before Marriage

There are important questions to ask before marriage. It gets to a time when you and your spouse finally have a serious conversation, talking about children, finances, or religion.

Divorce is one of the problems that hunt marriages in the 21st century, and this is as a result of couples not having honest conversations with each other which ends up being swept under the carpet.

7 Most Important Questions to Ask Before Marriage

Here are 10 questions to ask before marriage or ask your partner before you get married, to avoid headaches later on.

1. Would You Want Children?

When it comes to having children most people have different choices, because relationships to some couples can be complicated and might not be ready for kids. It is essential to select a life partner who shares the same family-planning goals just as yourself. This talk is where both couples need to be open and honest with each other, these are very important questions to ask before marriage.


2. What Are Your Financial Goals?

Money talks are essential, it is the major source of stress in relationships between couples. Questions like: Would you love us to merge our accounts? How do we prioritize spending?

You want a conversation to get a sense of whether the both of you are financially compatible not just in terms of how much you earn but in how you both view and manage money.


3. How Can I Be Of Help When You Are Down?

We all feel down at some point which is normal as human beings; getting to know how to help them is key. People react differently, some need space, some need to be spoken to, and some need reassurance.

Talking about how couples can easily communicate during down times when stressed or struggling really goes a long way.


4. What is Your Biggest Fear?

Marriage is all about understanding your partner, not just dreams and ambitions but also fears regrets, and struggles. This question is one that can get you to the underlying issues of a couple.

Be able to nurture and have honest conversations, and know how to address these fears.


5. What Are Your Deal Breakers?

We all have deal-breakers. Deal breakers such as how you were raised, how you want your partner to respond to things, religion, it varies for each person. Getting to know these breakers can help give you a good sense of how or where your future is headed and if it works for you both. The most crucial thing is for your marriage to last long without any reason or doubt.


6. What Are Our Expectations From Our Families?

There are couples who are attached to their family way of life or origin, who are still acting based on trying to please and do what the family wants not what works for your new home.

A big question is “if your parent wants something and I want the opposite of that, what would you do in that situation? How much time do you want us to spend with your family? These are very important questions to ask before marriage.


7. What Are You Sexual Fantasies?

When it comes to the matter of sex, partners have different things that tick or turn them on. As a couple, exploring each other sexual fantasies helps and improves intimacy.

Most couples do not talk about what they want from their spouse during sex and can lead to some misunderstanding which can be really sad, there are days when there is less sexual activity and days whereby you guys can be on a spree. Just know what works for you both.

Getting to know the answers to these questions can help in taking your marriage and relationship further, and for it to last long rather than when you both start living together and start to find out things about yourself that you didn’t or never knew was ever there. These are questions to ask before marriage.




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