10 Amazing Items a Bride Must Have On Her Wedding Day

A bride must have certain items to make her day memorable. The excitement, stress, and nervousness of preparing for your big day is enough reason for you to forget some minute but basic things needed as a bride. Research has shown that quite a substantial number of brides-to-be have to make hurried research on how to get necessary materials they should have gotten a long time ago.

As someone who wants or should love perfection on her big day, it is arguable that being prepared can save you a lot of stress and unnecessary running around at the last minute.

Each Bride Must Have These Items to Enjoy Her Wedding Day

It would do harm to have a checklist of items you should have free access to on your big day without worry or stress, who knows when any of them might come in handy?

You may want to get a jotter to see the detailed compilation of the items every bride to have to lie around.

10 Items Every Bride Must Have On Her Wedding Day
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First and foremost, you may want to avoid heavy meals on the morning of your wedding because you want to fit into your gown, avoid a bloated stomach, or avoid constipation but don’t forget to keep snacks around to keep hunger at bay. You wouldn’t want to be cranky and uncomfortable all through your day. This is a bride must have that nobody should miss.

Take at least a bottle of water along to keep yourself hydrated during and after all the dance and excitement of the day.


Having a pair of flat shoes lying around is enough to give you the reassurance to dance to your satisfaction. While heels are great for pictures, your feet will definitely need a break and you have to avoid getting blisters too. Just ensure you pick a color that matches your wedding gown perfectly. This bride must have is important to chubby women only


Considering that there will be a lot of juggling and bustling, you will sweat a lot. Besides!, nervousness can make you sweat or necessarily. This is key to a good bride must have to a good wedding day

Just ensure you take a good deodorant along to ensure dry armpits and minimize sweat stains and of course! to keep smelling nice even during and after the whole process. Spray your perfume decently on your wrist and behind the ears.


For those who would love to rock that natural hair or rather fix a weavon, having Bobby pins much around is essential as it can fix any hair issues or loose strands. Besides that, they are lovely hair accessories too; just perform two functions of fashion and keeping your hair beautiful.

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It is quite important to get extra makeup touch-ups. Nothing can get more frustrating than realizing your makeup is smudged already before taking your wedding photos. Due to impromptu crying and sweating, your makeup may begin to look caked, bloated, or smudged; having a makeup kit will do a quick and efficient fix.


Wedding planners have come up with an excellent idea of using white chalk, baby powder, or a stain remover pen to remove temporary fixes or smear, or spills on the wedding dress. While you should be careful when taking snacks or treats, there is still a quick fix if anything goes wrong. This is an essential bride must have items to help

Just apply it as soon as possible to avoid discoloration and to help with the disguise.


Having a pain reliever by your side is more like a lifesaver. It helps in cases of unexpected headaches, body pains, or cramps. You wouldn’t want to nurse a headache when you are supposed to be free and at your best.


All of these items will have to go in a bag. Though it has to be big enough to carry all your essentials, nothing says it shouldn’t compliment your dress and be fashionable. This is a bride must have that helps you secure your personal belongings.


The Bride should keep a fresh stash of handkerchiefs around to keep you from spillover sweat and tears. Just dab it on your face gently to avoid getting the mascara or foundation smudged.


Not every bride will want to wear their wedding dress all through the day. Some gowns can be heavy and bulky or can even get too stained to fix temporarily. Having a change of a more relaxed outfit is nothing bad at all.

Having this checklist handy should keep you from a lot of worries and contribute to helping you have a happy wedding day!




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