How To Plan The Perfect Proposal In Nigeria

Have you been thinking about how creative you could be in trying to make that big deal of creating that perfect proposal in Nigeria? These few guides should help you wow the lady of your dreams. Put it at the back of your mind that this action is not about you, every lady has fantasized about this day from the day they started developing teeth so you just have to make this day count. Don’t bring that “I don’t like the idea of public display of affection”, uncle drops that idea on one side and takes her by surprise.

Perfect Proposal

The Ring:

Perfect Proposal

If you’re quite observant you will know the type of ring she likes from the pictures on her phone to the type of pictures or posts she likes on Facebook or Instagram, this should give you a head start on what type of ring to go with. Ladies give .hints a lot you just have to be at alert to know what she likes and if you still can’t decode these hints you’ll have to get a third party to help you, get to one of her closest friends to do the job for you. Make sure you’re not cheap, save for the ring if it’s required.

Surprise Her:

Perfect Proposal

Ladies always love surprises so you have to make it one of a kind. Give her that surprise of her life leaving her with no clue of what’s coming to her. You want to see her cry out of so much joy when you make that perfect proposal? Then surprise her. You could take her to her favorite hangout spot while you do the normal activities you do there, while the ring is in your pocket, fake hitting your leg somewhere while you’re on the floor and she’s trying to help you up boom!

You dip your hand inside the pocket and propose while there’s a stand by photographer she must not notice before then just to have something for the gram. But in choosing which or what style to use depends on who is involved, whether the person likes public displays, or if she want it indoors just the two of you. If she’s a chocolate lover, buy a fancy box of chocolates and put the ring in place of one of the chocolates.

It may take her a while to notice but, when she realizes what’s there, you’d already be waiting to pop the question. “Will you marry me?” You could also try this, Write your partner a poem or story titled The Story of Us. Have her read it loud in front of you, Make your perfect proposal the final line “Sylvia! Will you marry me?”. There are many more, just be creative about it.

Be Romantic:

Perfect Proposal

Romance does not equal money, you don’t have to spend extravagantly or outside what you can afford just to be romantic. Plan a theme, make her feel so relaxed and all mushy, don’t forget this proposal is all about her and how you want her to feel so you have to be spontaneous about your theme.

Capture The Proposal:

When it comes to having that perfect proposal in Nigeria, he or she has to make sure that a wedding photographer is paid to cover that precious moment. Pictures are ways to relive moments even months, years after it has happened, and remember all the great times you guys had over the years. It all depends on your own personal taste; you might want the photographer not to be seen to make it more romantic and secretive or the photographer can be in the mix of things during the proposal. Anyways the idea is to make sure you capture every single moment of that day.



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