Real vs Artificial Wedding Flowers: What You Need To Know

On your big day, wedding flowers are a truly stunning addition to your wedding styling. They can be used for everything from a personal touch with your bouquet to a communal focal piece like your centerpieces. It doesn’t matter how you use it; we love flowers!

And it seems like we’re not the only ones. 92% of all couples will have floral features on their wedding day. But choosing the right suppliers or picking roses or peonies (or both!) might not be the only decision you need to make with your flowers. Many couples also need to consider whether they’re going to have real flowers or artificial pieces for their day.

The majority of all couples (57%) will choose fresh wedding flowers for their big day, while another 20% will opt for artificial. These are being used for bouquets primarily. However, buttonholes, centerpieces, floral cake decorations, and wedding arbors are also massively popular. Interestingly, 23% of couples will actually have a combination of both real and artificial flowers at their wedding.

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Why Choose Real Wedding Flowers?

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“The real smell of a flower can be quite memorable, especially on such a significant day of your life,” A lot of couples will have a sentiment to a particular flower or smell in their bouquet or floral decor. 10, 20, or even 30 years later when you smell that flower again, it can bring back memories of the day.”We specialize in fresh flowers because that’s where our passion is. There’s something so special about the organic nature of a flower; holding it, smelling it, and touching it.” Says one of the florists who specializes in fresh flowers in the wedding market alone.

“No, it doesn’t last forever. But I think that’s something that makes it a little bit more special for your wedding.”

Why Choose Artificial Wedding Flowers?

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There are basically three main reasons people choose artificial flowers over real ones,” Lee says. “Color, longevity, and memories. Some couples want specific colors in their bouquets, and things like Tiffany blue tulips and jet black roses just don’t grow out of the ground. We have the ability to dye any flowers, any color. Weather also comes into it since summers can be relentless and couples are seeing the benefits of not having to worry if their flowers will last the day without wilting or making their eyes water. Quality artificial wedding flowers are also a great alternative for allergy sufferers.

Why Choose a Combination of Real and Artificial?

The obvious reason a lot of couples want to use artificial blooms mixed with fresh flowers is because of availability. The flowers they want may be out of season. Another reason could be that the couple wants a specific color that is more easily achieved in an artificial flower than a fresh one.

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5 Things To Consider If You Are Using Artificial Flowers On Your Weddin Day

That special moment in your life, that you have been dreaming about is here; it is the most important day of your life and you are being surrounded by your friends and family.

Wedding Flowers are very important in one’s wedding planning because that is what makes your wedding look complete as a bride. But if you find out that it won’t be possible to have a real flower on that big day due to some unforeseen circumstances, the best alternative is to use artificial flowers for your perfect wedding.

Do not be worried about using artificial flowers. This is a great way to save time and money on one of the most expensive expenses you can make on your wedding day. If you have time for yourself you can spend time with some DIY videos.

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Know Your Wedding Flower Budget

Having to finalize your wedding flowers budget is very tricky, especially when it is about your big day. So it is ideal to set up a budget early enough to avoid issues towards the D day. You and your fiance can ponder on the budget you both feel comfortable with, you can also discuss with your family and see how they can contribute towards the wedding. Do not forget that DIY is a great option to save time and money if you are on a small budget.

Save For Quality Faux Wedding Flowers

Getting to invest in the best of silk flowers is a better option, especially if you are looking to have your artificial flowers look real. It may look economical to buy flowers from the local store but it is best to invest in the best. Having these quality faux wedding flowers that don’t die off like real flowers you will always have memories of your big day every year and you can get to pass it to your children and tell wonderful stories about your wedding day.

Do Not Overthink

As your wedding gets really close, one can get really overwhelmed with things happening around you. No matter what flowers you pick, just relax and enjoy the process. Remember that any flower is available to you all year-round with faux flowers. You can decorate months or weeks in advance.

Test The Product First

Like when you just bought a new cloth, getting to check out the quality of the artificial flowers and if they soothe your taste is crucial. You can do a little comparison when you order them and determine which is perfect for you.

Have A Gift List

Getting gifts at any wedding is a big bonus. As a courtesy to your loved ones, you can create a flower accent similar to the centerpieces, this way they can remember that special night.


Artificial wedding flowers are a very great option when you have a small budget. The ease of use, longevity, and affordability can take your wedding to the next level. Choosing the right faux artificial flowers can create a wedding you dreamt about when you were little. So start getting creative, get a bottle of wine, invite your girlfriends over. It is time to start decorating and DIY




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