Top 7 Wedding Themes for Modern Day Weddings

Once upon a time, a traditional theme was really your only choice for a wedding. But in recent years, wedding themes and trends have changed, affecting how couples present their wedding. Here, we take a look at what themes you can expect over the next 12 months.

Choosing the look and feel for your wedding is more than a color scheme. Themes are becoming more popular as couples choose to balance their aesthetic across more elements of their wedding. That being said, we’ve noticed couples aren’t simply sticking to one singular theme, rather, they’re combining multiple together to create their own something special.

Wedding Themes

The Most Popular Wedding Themes


The most popular and the ‘new’ traditional wedding themes most couples opt for is rustic. Think older buildings, farms, cellar doors paired with elements such as native greenery and natural wood.

Location savvy couples who want this look and feel can also transform a newer ceremony/reception area to meet the rustic theme. So, if you’re a couple on a budget, it’s the perfect combination and theme for you.

The most popular secondary themes to pair with a rustic wedding are garden and outdoors, romantic, boho chic, and vintage.


Garden and outdoor weddings align well with rustic themes, so it’s no wonder this is a popular choice for couples. This theme complements both a primary and secondary theme and couples have the option of what kind of mood they want to set. It could be a floral, springtime look, or a moody, wintery look.

The most popular wedding themes to pair with an outdoor or garden wedding are romantic, rustic, and classic or traditional themes.


Although still carrying a lot of traditional elements, romantic weddings are still a popular theme for couples. After all, the focus of this theme is the love of the couple itself. Things that contribute to this theme are an emphasis on the first dance, cutting the cake together, and natural golden lighting. Popular choices are festoon or fairy lights to give it that dreamy, magical touch.

Garden and outdoor weddings, rustic and traditional themes are the most popular secondary themes to a romantic wedding.


Nothing will ever compare to a traditional white wedding. This classic theme is the second most popular when it comes to primary and secondary theme combinations.

These wedding themes are heavily set in tradition, likely taking place at a dedicated reception center, where 41% of weddings are hosted. And while you may immediately think of a church or chapel for a traditional theme, classic outdoor ceremonies are also popular with couples.

The best secondary theme to pair with your classic or traditional wedding is a touch of romance.

Contemporary and Glamorous

Couples who want to wow their guests and give them something to remember will go for a contemporary and glamorous theme for their wedding. Also known as luxe weddings, this theme focuses on glam elements and aesthetics. Think large floral installations, having food trucks serve food over a traditional sit-down reception, and including pyrotechnics on the dance floor.

Contemporary and glamorous weddings can be paired with a romantic or classic touch.


When your country is surrounded by gorgeous coastline, how can you not consider a beach-themed wedding? While weather can be unpredictable anywhere in Australia, there are some beautiful locations for the perfect beach backdrop. As long as you take the time of year and seasons into consideration, you should be fine.

Regardless of the weather, beach weddings are still a popular choice amongst couples, more so than anywhere else in the world. Add some boho florals to give your wedding that WOW factor.


Vintage-themed weddings have declined in popularity with couples in recent years, but this could be due to it pairing better with rustic and boho-chic weddings rather than being its own theme. It works well with rustic elements to create a well-rounded aesthetic, while bohemian weddings focus on vintage furniture and old-world lace designs that are very vintage-esque.


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